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Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray okay well i definitely applaud the author for such a cool idea - beauty queens are plane-wrecked (is that a word, i don't know) on an island and ultimately become self-loving kick-ass warriors? yes pls!

however, i found myself simultaneously cringing and rolling my eyes at the over-the-top dramatic storyline and the way she handles the themes. i understand that it's for "young adults" but, come on ... i think i would've enjoyed it more if it was just scaled back a bit. i am 100% a feminist but it was just so heavy-handed.

oh and i feel like i have to mention that the epilogue was terrible and i don't know why it was included.

BUT. but but but. overall, this is a fun, light read and a really great story for teens aged 13-17. and of course, i would recommend this novel over any of those vampire/werewolf/frankenstein/whatever YA novels that seem to be so popular ...

if people read this and come away with a greater appreciation and understanding of themselves and the realisation that they don't need to fit into some cookie-cutter mould (WHATEVER that may be), then that is a good thing.