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My Policeman - Bethan Roberts beautifully written and incredibly sad. set in the 1950s when homosexuality was still illegal in great britain, a woman and man recount their lives being in love with the same man ...

i found myself wondering/growing increasingly frustrated with certain elements of the story, such as - WHY did marion and tom stay together for fourty years? i can understand the reasons at the time, but what kind of existence is that? it just felt like their whole lives had been a big waste..
i also wish we'd been able to hear some of the story from tom's side but since he is supposed to be this kind of idol/enigmatic character i understand why the author chose not to go there ...

patrick was my favourite and everytime it switched back to marion i was impatient to get back to him! i found it hard to sympathise with her, even if she tried to redeem herself in the end with the confession. of course she is deeply in love with this man and somewhere inside she knows it will never work but you'd think that after a few months of throwing herself at him her pride, or SOMETHING, would kick in? please don't think i am blaming her for the situation though. tom could have left and gone back to patrick, but he too was crippled with fear and self-loathing, which i definitely understand. well, i guess i'm just being naive and wishing for an easier solution where there isn't one ...

i also liked the way the story went back and forth in time, it was done really well. when it was over i really felt like i knew patrick and marion. oh and julia was amazing, i wish she'd been in it more! can she please have a spin-off? haha