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How to Be a Woman - Caitlin Moran this book had a lot of great points, but i did find myself disagreeing with her often. a lot of her arguments were not very objective ... it just seemed like her opinion with little to no research put into it.

also, sweeping generalisations are exactly the thing that feminism DOES NOT need and this book is full of them! there is barely mention of any women of colour, non-heterosexuality or trans issues which are all tied up with the feminist movement. i understand that she is a white, privileged, straight woman and this is meant to be a light and fluffy book but it just felt incomplete ...

however, i really enjoyed the biography aspect and there were lots of very honest, frank moments and parts that made me laugh out loud. i especially loved the chapters on puberty!

if this were an autobiography and not marketed as a "feminist manifesto" it would be a lot easier to swallow.