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Puberty Blues - Kathy Lette;Gabrielle Carey this book was just ... okay. the language is kind of hilarious, and even though i grew up 20 years after this story is set, i could still relate to a lot of the stuff going on. it's all very australian! it's also only a very short book so if you're feeling curious about surfie culture in the 70s, give it a go. just don't expect too much. :p

there wasn't really that much of a storyline and the rape parts were really disturbing. the main characters didn't seem to be phased at all by how disgusting the boys were towards the other girls! or "molls" as they call them. rape culture at it's finest, definitely.

in some ways it reminded me of that other famous teen book "go ask alice" in that it doesn't hold back or sugar coat anything, so for that i guess i have to commend it.

there's a new tv show based on this book coming out soon - i'll be interested in seeing how true they stay to the book!