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The Street Sweeper - Elliot Perlman earlier this year, i saw elliot perlman speak about this book at adelaide writer's week and he was so passionate and earnest that i feel really bad only giving it four stars. he spent ten years researching and writing and even went to poland to visit the camps and interview a sonderkommando himself, the real life inspiration for henryk mandelbrot. he also spoke about how everyone thinks they know about the holocaust but what do we actually know?

and it is a really beautiful story with a recurring message about the importance of oral history - the mantra of "tell everyone what happened here" is repeated throughout.

despite that, i felt the disjointed way of narrative, moving from person to person, took away something from the experience.
it's strange because i really enjoyed that style in his other book seven types of ambiguity, but with this one i feel like it could've benefited from staying with each character for a little bit longer. however, this did start to happen about half-way through and once i got to that point i could not put this book down!!